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At Dick's Tire Barn you are dealing with tire professionals.  Our employees average over 10 years of experience with our least experienced person having 2.5 years.  We won't promise to always have the lowest price (though we often do), but our prices are always very close to our competitors. 

What makes us stand apart is the quality of the work we provide.  Every single rim we work on is thoroughly cleaned so you won't end up with an annoying and possibly dangerous slow leak.  Every time we mount a tire assembly on a vehicle we use a torque wrench to tighten the lug nuts.  This makes sure each lug nut is tightened exactly to factory specifications.  By doing this the customer does not need to worry about a wheel loosening or have to worry about warped rotors.

Consumers have to be wary of the companies that guarantee the lowest price all the time.  This usually means that their normal price is quite high, but if you shop around to find the lowest price, bring in a written price quote from a competitor and show it to them, then they will beat that price.  It is easy to reduce the price on a set of tires for a customer when the last 10 customers all over paid.  We strive to give each and every customer a competitive price without any work from the customer.  If you have to spend two hours of shopping around to end up saving $3 or $4 a tire, then it's not really worth the effort.  I believe that it is easier to just use one dealer that you know will treat you fairly from the beginning.